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  • "12 yrs+"
  • "YA. Suspense fiction. For 12+ Readers with a Reading age of 8+. An adrenaline-fulled adventure story sure to get reluctant boys reading now with a brand new jacket! All Joey's evenings are pretty much the same hanging out and pretending to be drunk. But then he discovers twocking taking without owner's consent and life becomes more interesting. He knows it's wrong to steal people's cars, but he just can't say no to Emily when she asks him to come along. It's thrilling, dangerous and like nothing he's ever done before. Just how far will Joey go? A high-speed thriller. Particularly suitable for reluctant, struggling and dyslexic teen readers."
  • "Joey's life is pretty boring, until Emma introduces him to twocking - taking without owner's consent. What starts as a harmless prank ends up as a double tragedy that could have been easily avoided. And now Joey has to live with the consequences. Suggested level: secondary."

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