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Justice, nature, and the geography of difference

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  • "Justice, nature & the geography of difference"

  • "This book engages with the politics of social and environmental justice, and seek new ways to think about the future of urbanization in the twenty-first century. It establishes foundational concepts for understanding how space, time, place and nature - the material frames of daily life - are constituted and represented through social practices, not as separate elements but in relation to each other. It describes how geographical differences are produced, and shows how they then become fundamental to the exploration of political, economic and ecological alternatives to contemporary life. Justice, Nature and the Geography of Difference speaks to a wide readership of students of social, cultural and spatial theory and of the dynamics of contemporary life. It is a convincing demonstration that it is both possible and necessary to value difference and to seek a just social order."

  • "Justice, nature and the geography of difference"
  • "正义, 自然和差异地理学"
  • "Justice, nature, and the geography of difference"@en
  • "Justice, nature, and the geography of difference"
  • "Zheng yi, zi ran he cha yi di li xue"
  • "正义、自然和差异地理学"