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  • "Considered by Gide to be the most important of his books, this slim, exquisitely crafted volume consists of four dialogues on the subject of homosexuality and its place in society. Published anonymously in bits and pieces between 1911 and 1920, Corydon first appeared in a signed, commercial edition in France in 1924 and in the United States in 1950, the year before Gide's death. In spirited dialogue with his bigoted, boorish interviewer, Corydon marshals an erudite range of evidence from naturalists, historians, poets, and philosophers to support his contention that homosexuality has pervaded the most culturally and artistically advanced civilizations. The evidence, Corydon suggests, points to heterosexuality as a socially constructed union, while the more fundamental, natural relation is the homosexual one."

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  • "Corydon [quatre dialogues Socratiques]."
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  • "Corydon"
  • "Corydon : [77e édition.]."
  • "Quatre dialogues socratiques"
  • "Corydon : quatre dialogues socratiques."
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  • "Corydon : [Dialogues]."
  • "Corydon : [quatre dialogues socratiques] /"
  • "CORYDON."
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  • "Corydon."
  • "Corydon : [Couverture de Paul Bonet.]."
  • "Corydon : [47e édition.]."
  • "Corydon : [47e édition.] /"
  • "Corydon: [quatre dialogues socratiques]/"
  • "Corydon : [4 dialogues socratiques] /"