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Ernest Rutherford correspondence,

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  • "Primarily letters to Rutherford from his students and colleagues. The correspondence reflects his research achievements and ability to attract and train brilliant students as well as his involvement with the institutional establishment of science. The letters, rich in technical content, particularly for the early years, provide a picture of the scientific community and the state of science during the first four decades of the 20th century. Topics of the collection include radioactivity, atomic and nuclear physics, and his professorships. Principal correspondents include Bertram B. Boltwood, Niels Bohr, William H. Bragg, Robert W. Boyle, James Chadwick, John Cockcroft, Marie Curie, Arthur S. Eve, Kasimir Fajans, Hans Geiger, Otto Hahn, George E. Hale, Georg Hevesy, John Joly, Louis V. King, Joseph Larmor, Gilbert N. Lewis, Ernest Marsden, Stefan Meyer, John N. Pring, Owen W. Richardson, Harold R. Robinson, Arthur Schuster, Frederick Soddy, and Joseph John Thomson."

  • "Ernest Rutherford correspondence,"