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General Topology.

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  • "Aimed at graduate math students, this classic work is a systematic exposition of general topology and is intended to be a reference and a text. As a reference, it offers a reasonably complete coverage of the area, resulting in a more extended treatment than normally given in a course. As a text, the exposition in the earlier chapters proceeds at a pedestrian pace. A preliminary chapter covers those topics requisite to the main body of work."

  • "Matériel didactique."

  • "General Topology."@en
  • "General Topology."
  • "General topology."@en
  • "General topology."
  • "General topology /"@en
  • "General topology /"
  • "General topology"
  • "General topology"@en
  • "General Topology /"
  • "General Topology"
  • "General topology. /"